Turn-key Merchandising

It can be time consuming and expensive to run a merchandise program on your own.  It may be for your business, your team, your band, or your creative outlet..  Let us show you how to simplify all of this and free yourself up for the things that you need to do.

Your merchandise program made easy

We start with camera ready artwork.  If you already have it, we can get your collection together in a couple of days.  If you need it, we can help you with design and graphics to get it the way you want it.

Next is products selection.  We can create over 100 products that carry your branded artwork. 

We leverage a network of printers from the US and Canada to produce your products using print on-demand, eliminating up-front costs to produce inventory.  And, your collection of products is available right away for taking orders.

Turn-key merchandising makes it easy to set-up a program and Novel-tees is ready to work with you.

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